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Rifle Range

TCRGC has 4 lanes up to 100 yards long with electric target retrieval systems. Shooting may only be done at 50 yds, 75 yds, and 100 yards due to our lighting and bullet deflector positioning. If you are not absolutely sure you can hit an 8 inch circle at 50 yards, you must have your gun bore sighted or laser sighted by a Range Officer before shooting on the range and you may be charged for this time. However, replacement cables, pulleys, installation time are all more expensive. Each of the 4 shooting lanes is separated by a noise and sight barrier. Shooting is limited to the bench rest position due to the positioning of bullet deflectors.

Allowable cartridges include everything up to shotgun slugs and the big magnums for dangerous game but you can leave your .50 BMG at home. Muzzleloading firearms with single bullets (round, conical, or saboted) and shotgun slugs are allowed.

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